Explore the Grand Bazaar in Turkish Pavilion at Global Village

Turkey Pavilion at Global Village transports its guests to one of the oldest and largest covered markets of Istanbul, the Kapali Carsi or ‘Grand Bazaar’. Emulating the rich and prominent bazaar of the Euro-Asian city, guests are welcomed warmly as they enter through the Nuruosmaniye Kapisi Gate adorned with a ‘tughra’ (the imperial sign from Sultan Hamit II), into the vivid and colourful atmosphere of the famous old bazaar.

The charmingly created façade and interiors inspired by the Grand Bazaar also include the wooden and magnificent Trojan horse. The replica is inspired by the historical story of the Trojan horse made famous by the story of the Greeks, who used it to deceive the Trojans to enter Troy, the ancient city in what is now western Turkey, to win the war.

As guests step inside the Turkey Pavilion, they will be able to explore the captivating maze-like streets and refine their bargaining skills at the lively stalls known in Turkish as ‘dolap’. Additionally, guests can also sit down in the romantic old heritage square and observe the crowds pass by as they enjoy a bite of the famous Turkish delights and ice cream.

Perfect for bazaar style items, Turkish ‘Dolaps’ provide a diverse range of authentic products. From beautiful handmade Turkish glazed lamps, tiles and pottery, to ‘gülu’ (rose) perfumes and oil, ceramic home décor to bedding sets and Ottoman design stylish shoes.

The Turkish Pavilion is a must visit for those who would like to brighten up their home with exotic and beautiful, artistic Turkish goods. The stall No. 40 -‘Exclusive Art’, offers a vibrant collection of true Turkish art of calligraphy or ‘Hat’ and traditional hand-painted Anatolian Seljuks ceramic through a variety of colourful ornaments.

Hasan Cicek, the owner of the ‘Exclusive Art’ store said, “Turkey has one of the richest artistic backgrounds and we love offering visitors authentic Turkish Art. Every single piece or ornament we have here reflects the Turkish essence through unique handmade pieces that display traditional and vivid patterns. No person or guest will go home with the same bowl, pots, plates, mosaic lamp or flower vase. There is no dull piece in my shop.”

As guests stroll through the pavilion, they can encounter a set of stores with their favourite Turkish Delights. Tasin Chicheck, the shop-keeper of Bozel Food Turkish Delights of Shop No. 5, proudly shares that one of the most popular offerings at the Turkish pavilion is the abundance of Turkish treats such as Turkish Delight, a sweet and aromatic delicacy, which was traditionally offered as a gift among the affluent families.

Amongst some of the guests’ favourites, Turkish treats include the traditional strong Turkish coffee, which can be purchased either ready-brewed or all packaged to take home. The tasty ‘Börek’, Anatolian baked filled pastry, and ‘Ayran’, a drink made of yoghurt, water and salt; are also on the list of favourites and can be found around the pavilion. And how can one leave without tasting the famous Turkish Ice cream, with its unique texture that cannot be found anywhere else.

All the way from Sparta, the western city in Turkey, or mostly known as the ‘City of Roses’, Rasim Türkmem, a retired soldier in the Turkish army and now a full-time shop owner, offers guests a wide range of rose products - including rose fragrance, rose oil and rose water amongst other products at his shop No. 1 ‘City Roses’. He also sells ‘gülu’ products, which are known for their healthy anti-aging features and mainly used as beauty and skin products.

Guests can also get a chance to try some stylish Ottoman design shoes and bags from Istanbul’s designer Can Bukak, at the shop No. 32 ‘Ottoman Silk’. Guests can choose from a variety of traditional golden horn design and Ottoman carpet design. All the shoes and bags are handmade, and prices start from AED 200.

The Turkish Pavilion is an absolute treat for lovers of Orientalism, with a diverse range of authentic Turkish products to choose from, along with the experience of a truly Turkish bazaar ambience!


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