Azerbaijan hosts its first ever shopping festival!!

Baku, one of the most beautiful cities in Eurasia, is now offering you the perfect opportunity for the ultimate Azerbaijani experience and a shopping spree at its first ever Shopping Festival. The Festival is said to be one of the most important events in Azerbaijani Calendar and is scheduled to take place two times a year. The country prepares to welcome millions of shoppers and families at numerous venues in Baku, to enjoy a jam-packed schedule of events, that will go on until May 10, 2017.

The Shopping Fest is expected to bring together world famous brands that will be offering deals, draws and dazzling prizes for a great shopping experience in Azerbaijan. The country, known for hosting magnificent festivals introduced the shopping.

According to Azerbaijan’s Minister of Culture and Tourism Abulfas Garayev, a huge flow of tourists from Russia, Kazakhstan, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Iran, Turkey, and Georgia is expected. Additionally about 200-250 thousand tourists are expected to visit the country to benefit from the massively discounted offers.

The essence of the Baku Shopping festival is that buyers will be refunded an amount equal to VAT on the value of the purchased goods. Tax-free shopping used in many countries was introduced in Azerbaijan earlier last year to make shopping more affordable and attractive for Azerbaijani visitors. The system allows a visitor to get a refund of VAT on the goods bought after returning home.

Thousands of retail outlets in Baku plan will offer discounts of up to 75 percent in apparel and fashion, consumer electronics, watches, perfumes, furniture and home appliances. With giveaways, raffles, and mega prizes with discounts in major malls including Port Baku Mall, Park Bulvar Mall, 28 Mall Shopping Center, and Baku Mall reaching up to 90 Percent.

To add to the Festive spirit of the season, performances and cultural activities across malls and entertainment centers will be available. The Baku Shopping Festival is an important event in Azerbaijan and is expected to further enhance Azerbaijan’s position in tourism.


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